what it is. who we are.

voncommonbeckyadmarloVonCommon has been around in one form or another, under one name or another, since 2010.  Founded by Jonathan Marquis, B Jeans, Marlo Crocifisso, and Adelaide Gale Every, VonCommon was formed so we could have affordable studio space, strengthen our friendships, and benefit from the communal nature of our art arrangement.  Artists have come and gone, adding their bits of influence; VonCommon lives on at 100 N Johnson warehouse #7 (one building to the west of our old spot at 1909 Wyoming!).  We occasionally host art, music, and performance events, sometimes have studios available for rent, and have a frame shop managed by Art Haus Framing/Marlo Crocifisso.

In January 2017, we received federal 501 (c)(3) non profit status.  This designation will allow us to pursue new opportunities to grow our organization to further serve our community.  Our FEIN # is 81-3989754.  You may send us a tax deductible donation in the form of a check or money order to: VonCommon 100 Johnson St. Suite #7 Missoula, MT 59801.

Our Board of Directors is: Adelaide Gale Every (president), Marlo Crocifisso (treasurer), Stephanie Colley (secretary), Nate Biehl, Elisha Harteis, Lilli Nelson, and Katie Ludwick.

For more information, contact us at voncommonstudios@gmail.com