PromCommon- Post-Prom: Systems & Solutions May 6th, 2017



VonCommon is pleased to present our 4th Annual PromCommon show at VonCommon, 100 Johnson #7 on Sat May 6th, 2017 from 6-10pm.

With this year’s theme ‘Post-Prom: Systems & Solutions’ we challenged artists to reinvigorate a sense of urgency to embrace what makes our community great through building bridges, strengthening contact, and redefining what it means to persist and resist in 2017.

We are guided by the Utah Phillips quote, “The big system can be pretty overwhelming. We know that we can’t beat them by competing with them. What we can do is build small systems where we live and work that serve our needs as we define us and not as they ‘re defined for us.”

PromCommon 2017 will include:
-A gallery show with work from Lillian Nelson, Adelaide Every, Marlo Crocifisso, ladypajama, Elisha Harteis, Stephanie Colley, Parker Beckley, Nora Justice, Carla Bissinger, Angelita Martinez, Candice Haster, Terah Hibbard, Melissa Madsen, Patricia Thornton, Julie Gautier-Downes, Hazel Videon, Freedom Lee Drudge, Lauren Norby, Courtney Blazon, Justin Matousek, John Bonnickson, and Otto Osen.
– Performance by Tricia Opstad. Poetry by Old Sap.
– Live music from Nate Biehl, Cory Fay, Aaron Jennings, and Blue Dream (Ann Szalda-Petree and Clark Grant)
-‘Make it New Again’ donation based sewing station. Bring in your clothing items in need of minor repairs and walk out with something you can wear again
-‘Wheel of Persistance’- challenge yourself to to complete acts of service and resistance
– Bicycle Parade at VonCommon 7pm
– Info tables from fellow non-profits in our community: the Zootown Arts Community Center, the Roxy Theater, and Missoula Community Radio
– Symbiotic gardening demos and plant starts from Killing Frost Farms and Blackfoot Native Plants
– potluck- everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share. The more the merrier!
– beer and wine available for sale

Come dress up and commune with your artist community for PromCommon 2017 at VonCommon Sat May 6th 6-10pm!