3rd Annual PromCommon Horror Prom Fri May 13, 2016


On Friday May 13th, we hosted our 3rd Annual PromCommon, with this year’s theme being Horror Prom.  It was in our opinion the best one we’ve had yet! In addition to a super spookily inspired and diversely executed group art show including over 20 artists, we had a terrorific video art lounge, butoh inspired performance by Tricia Opstad, stand up comedy from Kyle McAfee, and live music from Rooster Sauce and Zebulon Kosted. During the latter performance, one young man was literally scarred for life.

Visual Artists

Wes St. John, Acton Douglas, Matt Mikulla, Shane Rooney, Maxon McCarter, David Sampson, Melissa Clark, Angelita Martinez, Rochelle Hansen, Jazmine Raymond, Steve Slocum, Kia Liszak and Silas Smith, Mr. Chalk, Abby Egan, Ben Simon, Anne Cruikshank, Freedom Lee Drudge, Bridey O’brien, Marlo Crocifisso, Adelaide Gale Every, Stoney Sasser, lady pajama, and Julie Schroeter.

Video Lounge by: Bat Honey, Lauren Norby, Sangam Sharma  (Bristol, UK), and TheaTerror  (Elisha and Josh Harteis, Jon and Kaori Van Dyke, and Anne Cruikshank)

More photos on our facebook page.

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