Missoula 911 2015 Performances

We have the awesome privilege to have not one, not two, but three of Missoula’s finest- Tricia Opstad, Josh Wagner, and Janaina Vieira-Marques, presenting readings, performance, and mixed media installation at Missoula 911 this Friday at VonCommon.

Tricia Opstad, who you may know from the many contact improv events she’s facilitated, Dance Church, Raw Raw Well Done, Open Field Artists, past VonCommon events- I could go on- will be sharing a new piece called ‘Frame, I’m Gonna Live 4EVER’.

In Tricia’s own words, It “is an experimental dance theatre piece that incorporates a living work of art (a person) on a 12’x4′ stage, a 22″x30″ frame and two frame holders presenting the artwork. ‘4EVER’ resembles an art auction scenario, a large piece of artwork and two art holders presenting and loosely working to contain a living, breathing human work of art to a crowd. ‘4EVER’ discusses perspective or seeing with and without the frames, scripts, conventions, expectations and familiarity of all kinds in our lives.”



Josh Wagner, aka Fiction Clemens, a writer based in Missoula and the author of Smashing Laptops, Deadwind Sea, and Shapes the Sunlight Takes among others, will be sharing a short story about how Death was invented, a poem he wrote about his visit to Ground Zero in New York City, and a third piece incorporating found video footage (that may be disturbing to some attendees).



Janaina Vieira-Marques in collaboration with Laurel Sears, present a mixed media installation piece entitled “While we walk”.

From Janaina:

In a small warehouse an 8×8 foot wooden stage is covered with used shoes arranged in mid-motion, as if recently occupied by feet and bodies:  Pink high heels, black ballet flats, brown oxfords, black boots, etc. make the space seem crowded. At its center, a worn-out dark brown wooden chair holding a piece of grey fabric.  A bucket placed on the side of the stage is filled with white roses.
Three sets of sounds reveal the layers of the memorial piece created by the emergent artist Janaína Vieira-Marques. “I want to give form to so many memories of that event,” says the artist. “For me 9/11 wasn’t just a political event or a tragedy that was left behind in time. It changed the way we look into the future and the ways see our place in the world. Faith will never be addressed in the same way.” After a glimpse of the stationary shoes, Laurel Sears, a professional dancer who has been working with Headwaters Dance Company, creates the  “Encounter” between the Observer, the Victims and the Audience, creating a dialogue with the audience with her improvisational performance, entirely shaped by the unpredictability of this encounter.


Please join us and the conversation this Friday September 11 for Missoula 911 at VonCommon.